In June 2020, we decided the best way to support our community and  keep our shop afloat, was to close our brick and mortar space.  This was a tough decision and like so many small business owners, we are testing the waters and figuring out what is best (for you), in the new landscape we are discovering together!

Our products are only handled by our own highly sanitized/gloved staff.  Each item, upon arrival, goes through a cleaning process which includes being submerged in an Ozone bag, and run for 30 minutes, to ensure complete sanitation and to remove any perfume odors.

We are always open to your ideas and personal requests, so feel free to reach out, even if it's just to say hi!


Our goal is to bring you a carefully curated collection of designer + local pieces.  

We strive to continuously carry quality luxury brands and current styles while creating a relaxing, comfortable shopping experience.  

Pieces are purchased directly through our buyer, authenticated and then sold in our shop.  We put a lot of effort into providing authentic and amazing quality items and keep our stock fresh and current so check-in often to see what we have! 

EMAIL US: hello@viceresale.com